Veteran Owned and Family Operated

Jessica G.


Jessica G., one of two owners, oversees all scheduling and operational needs. While bringing to life a love of design, she will make sure that your yard is a beautiful and pleasant space.

Greg G.


Greg G., our second owner, is our project expert. He will go over what is required and needed to make sure that all your scenery is installed with your lifestyle in mind. 

Eddie P.


Eddie P. is in charge of the lawn maintenance. He makes sure that our designs are executed and maintained beautifully, protecting your investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my landscape?


The only people who will work on your landscape are GLS employees. Our business is a family ran team that have years of experience and horticultural backgrounds, and we will all be familiar with your landscape needs. 

Are you insured and licensed?


You're darn tootin we are.

What kind of landscaping do you do?


With our line of small to large machinery, we can do all kinds of landscaping ranging from new sod to tree delivery/installation. But our specialty is in the installs of a decorative oasis. We use non-native and native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area.